John Willmott School


Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8 students have 7 lessons per fortnight and are set according to ability across each half year.  The very popular Activate course is used and is designed to engage and develop students’ scientific knowledge of the National Curriculum. In particular Activate provides students with many and varied opportunities to develop literacy.

Regular assessments are conducted using published tests and moderated level boundaries. Students are provided with indications of what they need to do to improve and which grade their current attainment is likely to lead to at GCSE. Resources are available online for students to study at home, as well as online interactive home learning tasks which students submit and can get marked immediately.

In Year 7 students study topics such as cells, particles, forces, elements, sound, light, space and acids.

In Year 8 students study topics such as health, the periodic table, metals, motion, electricity and inheritance.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 begins in Year 9 and all Key Stage 4 students remain in four ability groups across each half year.  AQA GCSE Core Science is examined at the end of Year 10 and AQA Additional Science at the end of Year 11.

In Year 9 students have 11 lessons per fortnight to study the Chemistry 1, Biology 1 and Physics 1 modules. These are taught using our own schemes of learning and are assessed by written examination at least every half term.

In Year 10 students complete the AQA Core GCSE (10 lessons per fortnight). The Chemistry 1, Biology 1 and Physics 1 modules and controlled assessments involving practical tasks. Students are examined externally by three written examinations at the end of Y10.

During Year 10 students also begin studying Chemistry 2, Biology 2 and Physics 2 of the AQA GCSE in Additional Science.

In Year 11 students complete Chemistry 2, Biology 2 and Physics 2 and complete controlled assessments involving practical tasks. Students are examined externally by three written examinations at the end of Y11.

All students are offered the opportunity to opt to take separate Science GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics through the options process. If they take this option, students will have an additional 4 hours Science per fortnight and they will study Biology 3, Chemistry 3 and Physics 3 modules. During Year 11 students will complete three controlled assessments and 9 written examination papers.

2014 – 2015 only

We currently have some students in Y10 studying BTEC Science and all students in Y11 who study GCSE Science complete GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These are all assessed through 9 written examinations at the end of Y11 and 3 controlled assessments.

Key Stage 5

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are all offered at ‘A’ level and students follow the OCR Modular specifications.

In all three subjects the course is broken down into 3 modules in both Y12 and Y13. One of these modules is based on practical tasks and all students are given the opportunity to develop their practical skills in both Y12 and Y13.

Students are assessed throughout the course using written examination papers. Students are assessed at the end of Year 12 by taking the AS qualification.

One other group follows a BTEC Level 3 course in Applied Science. We currently offer modules such as Physiology and Biochemistry. The course is very popular and students achieve outstanding results.

Extra Curricular Activities

In Years 7 and 8 we run after school sessions where students can receive support completing home-learning or just finding out more about whatever interests them.

In Years 9, 10 and 11 we offer a highly structured review programme to enable students to receive guidance with their revision. Sessions are timetabled and advice given about what to prepare in readiness for the session. Students are supported to develop their examination technique. We keep parents informed of their child’s attendance at these sessions.