John Willmott School

Religious Studies

Aims of the Religious Education Department

  • To develop an awareness of the range of beliefs and values which are held by members of our society
  • To foster pride in students own religious tradition and culture
  • To promote an understanding and respect of beliefs and practices which are different from their own

Key Stage 3

The main world Religions are delivered thematically and focus on a number of dispositions and skills such as:

  • Being Reflective
  • Living by Rules
  • Cultivating Inclusion
  • Identify and Belonging

The themes studied include:

  • Belief in God/s
  • Expression of Belief (through worship, pilgrimage and festivals)
  • Founders of Faith

Key Stage 4

Students study a thematic approach to Philosophy and Ethics, focussing on:

  • Good and Evil
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Prejudice and Discrimination

An option to study Religion and life issues and ethics is offered in Years 10 and 11 focusing on:

  • War and Peace
  • Animal Rights
  • Poverty and Wealth
  • Medical Ethics
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Early Life

Key Stage 5

‘A’ Level Religious Studies is offered and students study Buddhism and Ethics

The Curriculum

Students follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus which adopts a multi-faith approach to the teaching of Religious Studies