John Willmott School


The English Department believes that students should be active and interested in their learning and that the content and style of GCSE teaching should be reflected from Year 7.

The department has always been at the forefront of innovation in the school. It is a thriving, successful department proud of its achievements and the work students produce. Students study reading, writing and speaking and listening in both Ks3 and Ks4 and have the opportunity to experience a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students are assessed informally and formally on a regular basis with support in place to assist improvements and development of skills to allow students reach their potential and make good progress. In English we use the assessment objectives from the specification to underpin student understanding and knowledge.

Key Stage 3

In key Stage 3 students receive an exciting and challenge curriculum from non-fiction, plays, novels and poetry. This enables the students to develop their understanding and enrich their reading and writing.

KS3 assessments are building blocks to the GCSE exams and students will complete similar style exam questions in preparation for KS4. Students in KS3 have 7 lessons a fortnight and are expected to bring their own reading books to lessons. Year 7 and 8 students participate in a reading challenge where they are encouraged to complete 12 books in the course of the year.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 students follow the AQA course for both Language and Literature. It is a demanding course that is 100% examination. Students have 8 lessons a fortnight and follow schemes of work that are challenging and explore all of the key skills needed for the exam. Students aim to develop and enhance their analytical and evaluative skills through fiction and non-fiction extracts as well as covering texts from Shakespeare, 19th century literature, modern drama and poetry.

Key Stage 5

At KS5 we offer two courses English Literature and the combined A level. These are both popular courses where they enhance their analytical skills and independent research to debate and create line of arguments. Students study the texts from different viewpoints and consider how the context of the time has influenced the writer. We have many students who continue these subjects at University.